Monday, February 11, 2013

What is an Ark?

This week's theme is Noah's Ark!  I was very much looking forward to talking about this with Abbie.  She is very intrigued by this story.  Our letter this week is Dd, our number is 4, and our color is green.  After circle time, I did a basic introduction to all of our "of the week" items!  She counted to 4, and showed me something green in the room.  We also reviewed that dentist starts with a Dd.

On her first birthday, we gave Abbie a Noah's Ark Little People toy.  She has gotten a lot of play out of it, and it came in handy today!  I pulled out the ark, and asked... "What is an ark?"  Abbie answered in almost a shout... A BOAT!!!  We counted the animals, and talked about the different ones.  Donkey starts with Dd, so I used that opportunity to practice Dd again!

She also colored her own ark, and we attached 2 of each of the animals!  She helped me sort and handed them to me when I named them!  I dabbed glue on the page, and she glued them down!

It felt great to be back into the swing of learning again, and I think she enjoyed our lesson!

Ready for Circle Time!

Reading the story of Noah.

Counting animals, and discussing what they are!
Coloring her ark.

Finished with her animals!

It looks great!

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